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For a signed paperback book, imagine having instant access to more than 200 life lessons from 88 true stories that can inspire your children.

The lessons are practical, useful, and never theoretical. Each of the 88 true stories answers one simple question: “How can I benefit from what this person did at Gettysburg?”

In this book, you will learn:

– How to use imagination in setting goals
– Why you’re already a leader and not just a follower
– How one communication technique can improve your relationships
– Why failure can be a great teacher for success
– How one magic question can get you what you truly desire
– Why you can trust your gut
– How to increase your chances for college admission
– Why your moral values will inspire trust
– How easy it is to be extraordinary
– Why it’s impossible for your life to be insignificant.

BONUS #1: A complete page of discussion group questions
BONUS #2: Complete index of each of the 203 lessons.
BONUS #3: Free shipping with purchase
BONUS #4: Your copy is signed by the author.

The author’s get-to-the-point style is the trademark of this superbly written book.
Buy INSPIRATION FOR TEENS and be on your way to your own success, one fascinating story at a time. Order your copy now.

About The Author

As a popular TV guest, author, speaker, and videographer, Paul Lloyd Hemphill was born in Houlton, Maine in the last century. Old!  :^)

After receiving his college degree with honors in philosophy, he was drafted into the US Army. While serving in Viet Nam, he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal “for meritorious service” and received the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.

He returned home and quickly became a divinity school drop-out, and went on to a life-long career in marketing and advertising. He used his philosophical training in critical thinking to inspire his ability to write thousands of short and information-packed radio ads; he brings that same get-to-the-point style to his writing.

He converted his signed paperback book to video and audio, INSPIRATION FOR TEENS, as a character development and/or leadership program for middle and high school students. The video version is named, AMERICA’S 52 STORIES.


1 review for Hand-Signed Paperback

  1. Paul Lloyd Hemphill

    The following 13 reviews are from the Amazon website:

    “Hemphill’s writing style is lucid and succinct, with rapid-fire, short bursts of information, examples,
    and applications. The book can be read in daily journal format, with one or two stories at a time to
    challenge the reader to excel and emulate the example.”
    Scott Mingus, Civil War Author

    “I find the style very simple, easy to read and enjoyable. I find the ‘lessons’ to be right on target.”
    Richard White, Exec VP, Bayer Corporation

    “This is a really interesting and useful book…. While military and civilian technologies have changed
    dramatically, human nature hasn’t.
    Nick Perna, Economist & frequent guest on PBS’s The News Hour

    “…useful lessons about addressing a variety of problems and challenges in life…excellent examples
    and explained well…will assist the general layperson’s appreciation of the battle.”
    Gary Gallagher, Civil War historian, University of Virginia

    “…a great job in showing that there is a spark of greatness in each of us. [This book] shows a lot of
    sparks and the enormous influence that each of those sparks, in action, can have.”
    Brace E. Barber, Author of No Excuse Leadership

    “In addition to the mainstream appeal of this book, I think every history class should use this book
    as a tool to teach about this important battle.”
    Cynthia Kersey, Author of “Unstoppable” and Motivational Speaker

    “Overall I found it interesting and very readable. I liked the use of short vignettes that could easily
    be read by a busy manager as part of a continuing professional/personal development program.”
    Major Benjamin Webb, West Point Instructor

    “…extremely interesting… Putting information into such a concise form is really an art form. I can
    write anything in 4,000 words. Doing it in 400 takes incredible skill.”
    Edward Steers, Author and Lincoln scholar

    “This book is like a massage for the soul. It reverberates to the heart of human nature and
    invigorates the hero in us all.”
    Andie Custer-Donahue, Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guide

    “An enjoyable presentation… The author clearly has a strong grasp of the subject matter and
    applies it in a simple and readable format.”
    Steven Lipiner, CFO, Fleet Boston Financial, Europe

    “…an enjoyable book to read…. allows one to read a few pages at a time and glean useful life
    Jay Jorgensen, New Jersey Municipal Court Judge and Author

    “…enjoyable and thought-provoking. A great read for leaders at all levels – at work, at home,
    or in your community.”
    Steven B. Wiley
    President & Founder, The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg

    “If Tony Robbins had been in Gettysburg in 1863, he would have 
written this book.” 

    Darryl J. Nicke II 

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