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Discover an inspiring video series for homeschool families.

It  harnesses the power of true stories from a famous event in America’s past to inspire and empower today’s teens.


Our unique approach not only immerses them in the past, but also instills a deep belief in themselves and their country.


These compelling narratives demonstrate such values as determination, self-reliance, empathy, resilience, and generosity – all displayed by individuals you’ve never heard of.

Witnessing the triumphs and challenges of those who came before us, young minds are able to believe in their own abilities, which they can activate now, not 20 years from now.


Our service fosters a sense of patriotism and unity, reminding teens of the shared values and enduring spirit that have defined our nation.


By connecting the past with a child’s personal disposition with our videos, we empower our youth to be confident in themselves and to contribute positively to their country’s future.


Join us on this inspirational journey and help our teens believe in themselves, their community, and their country like never before.

After being exposed to the information on this website, it’ll be easy to tell your child, “Believe in yourself.” 


Unfortunately, and for the time being, our culture is living with a problem that is best summarized below


“When children aren’t given the space to struggle through things on their own, they don’t learn to problem-solve very well.

“They don’t learn to be confident in their own abilities, and it can affect their self-esteem.

“The other problem with never having to struggle is that you never experience failure and can develop an overwhelming fear of failure and of disappointing others. 

“Both the low-confidence and the fear of failure can lead to depression, anxiety, or self-doubt.”

Madeline Levine, author of The Price of Privilege





I decided, going forward, to home school my kids because of all this. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see this take off!

Tammy T. CA

These are trying times, and I am so happy to have something, anything, to share with my children that can provide them with inspiration and morals that I can stand behind.

Nicole, A. GA

I spent some time this morning watching some of your videos and they are fantastic! (no surprise). Knowing some homeschooling moms, I will pass your course along to them.

Aaron, W. MN

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